Innovations in deep tech such as IoT, Machine Learning, Data Analysis and Blockchain help to meet challenges in the fields of housing, traffic, mobility, social and environmental issues that do not stop at a city border.



Health innovations driven by deep tech, responding to unmet needs through employing new ways of thinking and working thus adding value in the form of improved efficiency, effectiveness, quality, safety and/or affordability of health services.



Agile manufacturing is an approach to manufacturing which is focused on meeting the needs of customers while maintaining high standards of quality and controlling the overall costs involved in the production of a particular product. This approach is geared towards companies working in a highly competitive environment, where small variations in performance and product delivery can make a huge difference in the long term to a company's survival and reputation among consumers.



The latest wave of digital technologies is transforming global food systems. Using deep tech innovations in the areas of Robotics, Data Collection and Analysis, Earth Observation and Areal Mapping the agriculture industry can respond to mounting challenges stemming from limited access to space and water, growing urbanizations as well as climate change.



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Five partners with one goal: Establish structures to connect startup ecosystems in an innovative way and create a lasting scaleup support system in order to increase the efficiency and success of scaling internationally.

Berchtesgadener Land

The high quality of life in the Alps in Berchtesgadener Land attracts both businesses and specialised personnel. With its exemplary business network „Verantwortungsvoll Wirtschaften“ the Berchtesgadener Land region represents sustainable economic activity, entrepreneurship and innovations.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia is an independent business association promoting interests of enterprises, entrepreneurship and other forms of organizations involved in the economic activity in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.


Pioneers, a member of the startup300 group, is a global innovation ecosystem dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and building new ventures. Pioneers connects startups, corporates and investors through innovation programs, a quality database of European and global Deep Tech entrepreneurs, investment services and inspirational offline and online experiences.

Pomurje Technology Park

The Pomurje Technology Park focuses on the transfer of knowledge, experience and technologies to the regional economy, which is intended to add to Slovenia’s industrial value creation and to lead to economic and job growth.


As the leading center for innovation and start-ups, UnternehmerTUM brings together a community that creates value for good. Facing challenges of society, UnternehmerTUM is on a search for solutions, drive technology beyond the status quo and empower people through education to make a difference.


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