Success stories of Scaleup4Europe: CoolBeer 


Scaleup4Europe presented at Salon Future


Success stories of Scaleup4Europe: AviRings


Pioneers launched the first European Climate Tech Landscape report


Event „Zukunft Europa in der Region” organized by Scaleup4Europe

As part of Scaleup4Europe and the SmartRegion Lab, Sebastian Sessler will moderate the event “Zukunft Europa in der Region” on November 23! The event will focus […]

Success stories of Scaleup4Europe: Bitgear 

The scaleup Bitgear participated at the Ag Tech Lab.With their participation they got in contact with KRONE, LEMKEN and Bayer. They proceeded communication with them to […]

SeeMeet Slovenia 2022, meet the Pomurje Technology Park

Join the Pomurje Technology Park at SeeMeet Slovenia 2022 on Nov 17-18 to generate new business contacts and prosper on domestic and international market. More information: […]

13th Scaleup4Europe Management Board Meeting in Belgrade

Last week the Scaleup4Europe team came together for the 13th Management Board Meeting in Belgrade!Thanks a lot to Vladimir Radovanovic, Borut Zrim, Grega Konkolič, Anton Schilling, […]

Our partner XPRENEURS at Bits & Pretzels 2022 in Munich


Success stories of Scaleup4Europe – HealCloud

The scaleup Healcloud participated at the Health Lab. With their participation they generated a lot of new leads and excellent support with their marketing and branding […]

Battery Day on September 23

Join Dr. Simon Engelke from Battery Associates, member of Scaleup4Europe Smart Region, on September 23 for the Battery Day 2022! Register now! LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6976139807219425281

World Future Verse Conference

Our partner Technology Park Ljubljana is organizing the World Future Verse Conference from September 19 to October 1! 🥳 Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6972895902571110400

Success stories of Scaleup4Europe – Legit.Health

The scaleup Legit.Health participated at the Health Lab. With their participation they got in contact with the best agents from whom they could learn a lot […]

Sign up to have you business featured: Climate Tech Solution Landscape

Have your business featured in one of the largest databases for #Climate #Tech! Together with 5 international Scaleup4Europe partners from all over Europe, we are looking […]

Meet Andy Aguilar, CEO of Legit.Health and member of the Scaleup4Europe Health Lab

Meet Andy Aguilar, CEO of Legit.Health and member of the Scaleup4Europe Health Lab! What does Legit.Health offer? Legit.Health is a dermatology software that uses AI clinical […]

Scaleup portrait: MiiCare – Keeping older adults safe and healthy in their own home using AI

MiiCare developed a digital health coach to support the older adults to live independently in their own home and better manage their chronic condition. MiiCare with […]

Success stories of Scaleup4Europe – CoNurse

The scaleup CoNurse participated at the Scaleup4Europe Health Lab. With their participation they improved their business model, developed a new use case for medical devices, got […]

Scaleup portrait: DomoHealth – Helping people to stay home longer and enjoy a great quality of life

DomoHealth improves care efficiency across the care pathway by monitoring patients’ health conditions at home. DomoHealth with Guillaume DuPasquier (CEO) is part of the Scaleup4Europe Health […]