Scale-up Interview: Senswork - Header

Scale-up Interview: Senswork

Meet Senswork, an automatic inspection solution that reduces costs, ensures quality and guarantees the traceability of products. Senswork is part of Agile Manufacturing Lab Batch #1.
Scaleup Interview - Kontraqt - Cover

Scale-up Interview: Kontraqt

Meet Kontraqt, a B2B SaaS network and marketplace for integrated, real time, collaborative e-procurement. The scale-up is part of HealthLab Batch #1.

Successful matchmaking on Pitch Day

On today's virtual Pitch Day, hosted by Munich Network, 16 selected scale-ups got to meet with 60 participants from big corporations.

HealthLab kicks off with 20 scale-ups

20 scale-ups with digital health solutions kicked off the Scaleup4Europe HealthLab program to enter a scaling journey across Europe.