Sept 27 - Oct 02, 2021

Bits & Pretzels 2021
Networking week

Europe’s biggest founders festival brings true founder spirit into virtual space!
Don’t miss the festival that connected Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Jessica Alba and many other world leaders with the startup ecosystem.

Scale-up Interview: Flowlity

Meet Flowlity, the first supply chain planning solution built as a network by using AI to connect companies.

Scale-up Interview: Senswork

Meet Senswork, an automatic inspection solution that reduces costs, ensures quality and guarantees the traceability of products. Senswork is part of Agile Manufacturing Lab Batch #1.

Scale-up Interview: Kontraqt

Meet Kontraqt, a B2B SaaS network and marketplace for integrated, real time, collaborative e-procurement. The scale-up is part of HealthLab Batch #1.